Alpine ibex

(Capra ibex ibex L. )

Alpine ibex and moufflon belong to the family Bovidae and to subfamily Caprinae. Most of them can be found in Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. Estimates show there are more than 15.000 ibexes in Alpine areas. Ibex is a sturdy, stubby animal. Adult male, a buck, can weight 100 to 130 kg. Female, a doe, usually weighs half a buck’s weight. It has reddish grey coloring in summer, and yellowish grey with longer hairs in the winter. Both males and females have horns, but they differ significantly both in their size and in appearance. Bucks’ horns can me longer than a meter, with bold rings, can weigh up to 15 kg, while the does’ horns are 25 to 30 cm long, and are faintly wrinkled. Bucks have well developed horns already after two years of age. Ibex is a distinctly mountain wild game. Economic growth is 12 years.

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