Dalmatian Ovan (Ovis Gmelini Aries D. )

Foreign names: Divlji Ovan ( Croatian ); Dalmatian Wild Sheep ( E );  Dalmatinisches Wildschaf ( G ); Carnero dalmatino ( Sp ); moutón de la Dalmatie ( F ).
Description: Shoulder height 28-32 inches; weight 80-120 pounds; females are extremely smaller.Very heavy woolly hair, mostly whitish, with some dark spots on skin and face.This endemic sheep species to the Dalmatian Islands off the coast of Croatia have been utilized as domestic animals in the 16th. and 17th. Centuries by peasants living on the islands and off the sea as fishermen. During a long drought period in the 18th Century the inhabitants left the islands in search of labor at the mainland. They left behind their livestock and their decaying houses. Since then these feral sheep have become totally wild and are extremely difficult to hunt on the shrub covered islands.
Behaviour: Gregarious. Females with young form year-round flocks; mature males have separate flocks, very old males are found usually by themselves. During the mating season individual males join the females after battling for dominance. Lambs, usually two, are born 5 months later. Mainly a grazer, but browses to an extent. Feeds at dusk and, specially during the hot summer months, rests during the day in intensive cover. A good runner. Alert and wary where hunted.
Steep, shrub covered mountains on the islands off the Croatian coast, called the Dalmatian Islands.
Dalmatian Sea, Islands, Croatia.
Status: The Dalmatian Wild Sheep have become so abundant that a culling programme was started by the Government some years ago. Due to the intervention of hunting associations, including the SCI Hrvatska Chapter ( Croatia ) the Government has accepted a hunting and conservation plan for this endemic species.
Hunting season: September, 1st till May, 31st.


John N. Walker Jr. USA 08/2010 Plavnik 120 3/8 Josip Tomljanović
Marcial G. Sequeira ESPANA 11/2011 Plavnik 117 2/8 Josip Tomljanović
John R. Monson USA 03/2011 Dugi Otok 116 0/8 Josip Tomljanović
Damir Vrhovnik CROATIA 12/2010 Plavnik 113 6/8 Josip Tomljanović
Phillip Ullmann GERMANY 03/2010 Plavnik 113 4/8 Hrvoje Bezjak
Josip Tomljanović CROATIA 01/2010 Plavnik 110 6/8 Hrvoje Bezjak
Dejan Tomić CROATIA 09/2010 Plavnik 110 6/8 Gregor Žic
Francisco Vizcaino MEXICO 09/2010 Plavnik 109 4/8 Josip Tomljanović
Douglas R. Yajko USA 10/2011 Plavnik 106 7/8 Hrvoje Bezjak
Dubravko Tkalcic CROATIA 10/2010 Plavnik 106 7/8 Josip Tomljanović
Lee Anderson USA 03/2011 Plavnik 104 1/8 Hrvoje Bezjak
Gregor Žic CROATIA 01/2010 Plavnik 101 7/8 Hrvoje Bezjak
Bela Hidvegi HUNGARY 03/2012 Dugi otok 101 6/8 Josip Tomljanović
Norbert Ullmann GERMANY 03/2010 Plavnik 100 5/8 Josip Tomljanović
Thomas Hammond USA 11/2011 Dugi otok 100 0/8 Josip Tomljanović
Walter Page Mays Jr. USA 09/2011 Plavnik 99 0/8 Josip Tomljanović
Denis Anderson USA 12/2011 Dugi otok 98 7/8 Josip Tomljanović
Dams Jan J. Theresia BELGIUM 12/2011 Plavnik 98 6/8 Ante Zurac
Igor Ilić CROATIA 10/2010 Plavnik 98 5/8 Josip Tomljanović
Craig Boddington USA 12/2012 Dugi otok 96 3/8 Josip Tomljanović
Norbert Ullmann GERMANY 03/2010 Plavnik 95 3/8 Josip Tomljanović
David E. Tuttle USA 04/2011 Dugi Otok 94 2/8 Josip Tomljanović
Igor Ilić CROATIA 10/2010 Plavnik 92 2/8 Gregor Žic

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