Feral Goat

(Capra hircus L.)

We hunt Feral Goat in hunting ground Dugi otok and Plavnik. The strongest Billy-goat can be weight to 120,00 kg. They are very timid and cautious. Feral Goat hunt in island's hunting ground of the Mediterranean type is conducted throughout the day, by actively searching for Feral goat (guest hunter and expert quide). During the Summer ( from May to September ), the hunt is conducted earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon for the reason of the high temperature. If is very difficulty approach on distance less than 200 m to Feral Goat. We recommend using razant calibers and „soft“ jacketed bullets. The most successful period for hunting is during May and Jun and October to December. That specie is valid for Capra World Slam and Ullmann Award and all SCI Award program.

Hunting prohibition: Feral goat male – no prohibition dates

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