Red deer

(Cervus elaphus L.)

Two deer species inhabit Croatia:

The bogland deer („Ritski jelen“) is found in Baranja, Slavonija (Podravina and Posavina), and in Moslavina, and on Kalnik all the way to Ivančica. The bogland deer is famous among the hunters for its beauty and high trophy value.

Mountain deer is smaller, with antlers of somewhat lesser trophy value, but rich in branches. Very attractive to hunt because of the natural beauty of its habitat, Gorski kotar. The hunt is conducted during bellowing season which begins in mid September, and culminates around 25th September. Hunting deer in mountains requires a hunter to be in good physical condition, because numerous mountain meadows where the deer bellow, prevent a hunter to stalk on a deer from shooting stad.

Hunting prohibition

Deer from 1st February to 31st August
Doe and calves from 1st March to 30th September

The best wild game trophies – Croatian champions


Hunting ground Year of cull Hunter Number of CIC points
“Garjevica” 2003. Ivica Todorić 261,81



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