Fallow deer

(Dama dama L.)

Fallow deer is not indigenous to our country; it originates from the Asia Minor near Mediterranean Sea. Because of its very limited demands for living habitat, it is primarily situated in enclosed hunting grounds. First colony was inhabited on Brijuni islands.

Inhabitation of Croatian hunting grounds started in 1953, when the colony was established on the island Grgur. Later the colonies were established on island Plavnik of Cres (Punta Križa, Ttramuntana), in Istria (Ubaš), Senj (sv. Juraj) and in the interior Croatia (Ilok, Kunjevci near Vinkovci, Kutjevo, Moslavačka gora, Česma).

Our agency hunts fallow deer in Mediterranean biotope, in Sveti Juraj hunting ground. It is usually a collateral cull conducted during the hunt on moufflons, because the deer bellow season in Sveti Juraj overlaps with the best season for hunting moufflons. Fallow deer can be successfully hunted in January, when bucks gather in larger herds. Trophies are, though, of a lower quality, and only rarely some of them are medaled. The hunt itself is very attractive and dynamic, because it is conducted exclusively by stalking, which additionally enchants a hunter.

Hunting prohibition

Deer from 15th January to 15th September
Doe and fawn from 1st January to 30th September

The best wild game trophies – Croatian champions

Hunting ground Year of cull Hunter Number of CIC points
 “Garjevica”  2004.  Ivica Todorić  212,34


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