Roe deer

(Capreolus capreolus L.)

Roe deer are present in majority of hunting grounds in Croatia, in Istria, on Croatian coast and on island of Krk. Our hunting agency organizes exclusive hunting of the mountain roebuck, whose trophy attracts attention with its sparkling beauty, color, and with its elongated branch and antlers. Even though this trophy looks very appealing, its weight is much smaller than the weight of the plains’ roebucks.
Mountain roebuck hunting does not start before 20th May, and lasts intensely until the end of the mating season in the end of August. Hunting these bucks requires a hunter to master a skilful, noiseless walking at the edge of mountain meadows, and to be a good and quick archer. One can quite often encounter a wolf, a lynx, or a bear while hunting the roebuck in mountains.

Hunting prohibition

Roebuck from 1st October to 30th April
Doe and kid from 1st February to 30th September

The best wild game trophies – Croatian champions

Hunting ground Year of cull Hunter Number of CIC points
 "Barnjsko Petrovo Selo”  2001.  I. Kopilović 192,65


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