Wild boar

(Sus scrofa L.)

Wild boar population in hunting grounds that we hunt in is still full-blooded and genetically clean. We organize wild boar hunting on high shooting stads placed on crossings, near wheat and oat crops. In winter, we also organize hunting wild boar by tracing them through snow. This type of hunting requires a hunter to be in good physical condition. Firing is conducted from distances of 40 to 70 m, with higher calibers. In order to make the hunt successful, a hunter must devote it at least three nights in continuity. The hunt begins at least one hour before the sunset, and lasts at least until three after midnight, while it is desirable to stay the whole night. Wild boars attained in mountain hunting grounds are depicted by the length of their tusks, as well as of their width, and the strongest boars in the country are found on Velebit and in Lika

Hunting prohibition

Boar, suckling pig and farrow – no prohibition dates
Sow – from 1st February to 30th June

The best wild game trophies – Croatian champions

Hunting ground Year of cull Hunter Number of CIC points Number of SCI points
“Perušić” 1995. Mirko Hećimović 149,25  

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