Craig Boddington in Croatia

Craig Boddington in Croatia

The famous world hunter Mr. Craig Boddington in hunt by us

Currently the most famous international hunter Mr. Craig Boddington began the article on hunting in Europe as a hunting destination with these words...
“I just returned from an absolutely perfect hunt in Croatia, one of several “new” European hunting destinations that have emerged since the breakup of former Yugoslavia and cessation of hostilities that followed. The country was beautiful, not only the famous Adriatic coastline, but also the mountains that rise precipitously from the sea. Croatia would be, among many European countries, a fine destination for a “first European hunt”-but the specific hunt I went on, including a great free-range mouflon but more specifically for golden jackal and European wild cat, probably wouldn’t interest most hunters embarking on their initial European hunting adventure.”

Currently the most famous international hunter Mr. Craig Boddington began the article on hunting in Europe as a hunting destination with these words.

We made the agreement for his hunting in Croatia at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas, at the beginning of February this year.
The only available time for hunting in his 2012 schedule was the second half of February, from 18th to 24th February 2012. A total of 6 days, including arrival to and departure from Croatia.

The aim was to take several hunting species in open free range hunting grounds all in different locations, which requires a lot of driving and transferring to hunting locations. The alternative time was the second half of 2013.

After several minutes of contemplating and planning I said to Mr. Boddington that I think we could make it if he comes now in February.

Later Mr. Boddington admitted to me that he did not believe we would succeed in hunting down 4 hunting species in 6 days, but that he accepted the invitation because his hunting friend Mr. Saša Ivanov “Gašpar” from Macedonia, who works at the Hunt Europe Ltd. hunting agency, and Bob Kern, the owner of the Hunting Consortium Ltd. – the biggest and the most famous hunting agency in the world – talked him into it. They told him that they fully support this operation in Croatia because I have fully justified their trust with all their guests who were more than satisfied.

One of several very difficult circumstances for me was the fact that Mr. Boddington had a professional cameraman by his side that had to record video materials for his movie on hunting in Croatia. This meant that there was to be no game shooting unless the game was not ideally positioned for recording. After shooting a lot of time was lost in rerecording the approach to the animal, the shooting and the congratulations on the successful hunt. A bigger number of people during the stalk hunting in Croatia is always a problem, but despite of that I saw the organization of the hunt and hunting with such a respected and famous world hunter as my professional challenge saying to myself: “Joso, it is now or never, we can do this and give it your best shot, because not everybody gets a chance with Craig Boddington and that’s why you should do it now.” And we did it all, although he did not believe in it and he told me that he was convinced after our agreement in Las Vegas at the convention, that we will not succeed.

On departure, at the Zagreb Airport, Mr. Boddington told me:
„Josip I am definitely returning to Croatia and you give your best efforts to find what we will hunt. Croatia is beautiful and is one of the top hunting destinations where I want to hunt and stay more often...“

You can read the description of the hunt in the article titled „The day of Jackal“, written by Mr. Craig Boddington in SAFARI TIMES for April 2012 on page no. 7.


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