In the most recent issue of the OVIS magazine, J&P AGENT presented as the most excellent agency

The most prestigious US hunters magazine, OVIS is a magazine published by the GRAND SLAM CLUB OVIS. Our hunting agency was again presented therein as the most excellent agency for the mountain hunting in Croatian, in particular for the hunters who go worldwide after mouflons and wild goats.

In the most recent, winter 2011 edition of the OVIS magazine, published by the GRAND SLAM CLUB OVIS, a young American hunter from Texas, John N. Walker Junior, talks about his great success. With nearly 23 years of age he is the world’s youngest hunter to win the Ovis World Slam. The Ovis World Slam is earned by the hunter who wins trophies for 12 different species and subspecies of wild sheep throughout the world, and who documents these hunting achievements by photographs of the shot animals and their trophy sheets. His first trophy of a wild sheep, the Barbary Sheep in West Texas, was acquired by John already in 2002, when he was only 15 years old. Two years later he acquired the Marco Polo Argali trophy, which was followed by the Desert Bighorn, the Dall and the Stone Sheep, the Armenian Mouflon, the Red Sheep, the Gobi Argali and the Hangay Argali, the California Bighorn, and the Dagestan Eastern Tur in Azerbaijan, the last being his eleventh wild sheep trophy. In August last year, as we reported previously, he came to us. By acquiring the trophy of European Mouflon in Croatia, he wrapped up his Ovis World Slam winning tournament.
DSC03466.JPGThe A4 size photograph of John N. Walker Jr. with the shot European Mouflon was published in the OVIS magazine, along with the explanation that this ultimate mouflon was found on the open hunting ground in Croatia under the organization of the hunting agency J&P AGENT and the outfitter Josip Tomljanović.

This reference was certainly an important acknowledgment for our agency, in the most prestigious magazine for the world best wild sheep and goat hunters. We hope that Mr. Walker will visit Croatia again in his future pursuit for hunting trophies, as well as recommend hunting under our organization to his colleagues and friends.


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