MOUFLON BY THE SEA: An Adriatic Adventure

MOUFLON BY THE SEA: An Adriatic Adventure The most prestige American magazine for Safari hunters “Safari Magazine“ in its latest issue November/ December 2010 brings an article titled “ MOUFLON BY THE SEA: An Adriatic Adventure“ written by a well-known Safari hunter and a writer Michael G. Sabbeth from Colorado


When the most eminent world magazine, which several thousand Safari hunters worldwide receive at their home addresses, publishes an article about the hunt which our hunting agency has organized, then it is the best praise for our work which has been recognized by its high quality in organization and realization of hunt for the international hunters.The article about the hunt on the European Mouflon on the hunting ground of Sveti Juraj organized by Josip Tomljanovich and his J&P Agent d.o.o. – Agency for the Hunting Tourism, was published in its November/December issue (pages 38, 39 and 138).The well-known hunter-writer and a critic Mr. Michael G. Sabbeth from Colorado (the USA), together with his wife, was in Croatia in June 2009 due to the invitation which he received from Mrs Daniele Fanzoj, the head-manager of established Austrian gun-house Johann Fanzoj Jagdwaffen from Ferlach.The hunt on wild sheep is one of the most respected by American hunters, so we were chosen by the Fanzoj Company as the best organizers of the hunt on the mountainous game in Croatia. The European Mouflon of Sveti Juraj are known throughout the world because of their top-trophies which hunters achieve in a very demanding hunt on the slopes of beautiful but dangerous mountain Velebit. The European Mouflons in the canyons, on the cliffs and rocks above Sveti Juraj stayed in memory of many hunters as one of the most difficult and demanding hunt in the untouched nature in the very heart of Europe.In June, when temperatures are very often above 30 C in shade, everybody thinks just of rest, swimming and sunbathing on the shores of our beautiful Adriatic Sea. Our team got a very interesting and responsible task to give one corpulent hunter, aged 67, a chance to shoot with the Fanzoj gun, one capital European Mouflon. The task was successfully performed on the third day when the hunter, at the distance of 342 meters, with one shot, shot down a silver six-year old European Mouflon.Except this hunting program, which was taking place in the early morning hours and in the late afternoons, the main part of the day was fulfilled by some other attractive activities. We arranged sightseeing the hunting area of Sveti Juraj by ship so that Mrs. Sabbeth could enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and see the cliffs which plunge deep into the blue, transparent sea of our Velebit Channel.By fishing and picking up scampi, which were turned in delicious dishes in the evening, we rounded this beautiful story about one magnificent hunting adventure on the Adriatic Sea.The complete hunt, from the arrival of the hunter to his departure to Colorado, as well as the transportation of the trophy to the USA, was led by Mr. Josip Tomljanovich, a professional organizer and an expert escort.The great contribution and help to perform and finish this hunt successfully was given by our companions from the hunting ground of Sveti Juraj, Mr. Luka Vukusich and Mr. Zdenko Gregovich, as well as by Mr. Hrvoje Bezjak, who was in charge. 

The very hunter’s impressions can be read in the article titled: “MOUFLON BY THE SEA: An Adriatic Adventure”.


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