The best hunting season ever

The best hunting season ever

Hunting season 2011 - 2012

The 2011/2012 hunting season was definitely the most successful ever for our hunting agency and us as outfitters.
210.JPGMore than 20 hunting clients of which 10 renowned international hunters are a recognition to us and we were honoured to serve them. However, we also felt a great obligation and responsibility to adhere to the requests of such hunters completely.

We started the hunting season with Mr. John R. Monson from New Hampshire, USA, the 27th president of the SCI USA. By killing a brown bear with us, he rounded-up his Bears of the World Grand Slam, and with other animal species he shot with us, he reached the number of European species necessary to become eligible for the prestigious European Ullmann Award, i.e. the 5th level or a total of 40 different European hunting species.

After him, David Tuttle from California, USA, a hunter with more than 180 hunting species of the world, has taken a brown bear, a DWS and a feral goat with us.
Following the summer, we started with Walter Page Mays, the hunter with an Ovis World Slam Super 20, who shot our Dalmatian Wild Sheep making his way to the Ovis Super 30.

At the beginning of October, a well-known American hunter Robert Douglas Yajko, Colorado, USA, the 19th president of the SCI USA and the former president of the SCI Trophy Record Committee, aiming for the most prestigious world hunting award – the Weatherby Award – shot a jackal and a DWS with us.
After him, Larry Lewis, Michigan, USA, arrived to round-up his Ovis Grand Slam with a European mouflon from our Sv. Juraj and the Dugi Otok island.

Two strongest Spanish hunters, Mr. Eduardo Romero and Mr. Marcial Gomez Sequeira hunted chamois and the Dalmatian Wild Sheep with us.
Thomas J. Hammond, Michigan, USA, this year’s winner of the Conklin Award and one of the Weatherby Award nominees hunted the DWS, the jackal and the mouflon with us in November. He has taken an ultimate gold mouflon with 220,00 CIC points, 11 years old and over 90 cm long.

The best German hunter of wild sheep and goats, Mr. Wulf Goetze, has taken a gold male chamois which entered the SCI Top 10 of Balkan Chamois at the 8th place.

Before Christmas, Mr. Denis Anderson from California, USA, the 30th president of the SCI USA, came to us to hunt the DWS and the Feral Goat on the Dugi Otok Island, while we saw the 2012 off with Larry Higgins from Michigan, USA, who is the acting vice-president of the SCI USA and a great hunter also in competition for the Weatherby Award.

After the SCI Convention in Las Vegas, the most known hunter today, Mr. Craig Boddington, came to us. Mr. Boddington is also a Weatherby Award nominee, and has 108 hunts in Africa. He also wrote 18 books on hunting across the world. He left Croatia with 4 new hunting species, that he has taken with us as outfitters, rounding-up the total number of hunting species he shot to 290. We again had a visit from Larry Higgins, but this time he came with his hunting friend Gary Rigotti from Oregon, USA, who came to shoot our mouflon in the race for his Ovis World Slam Super 40. Up to now he has shot 33 different kinds of wild sheep. Larry Higgins left Croatia after 12 days of successful hunting with five new hunting species and with a promise to return to Croatia to hunt a mouflon longer than 90 cm, when I find one.

We finished the very successful 2011/2012 hunting season with one of the strongest international hunters from Europe, the best Hungarian hunter Mr. Bela Hidvegi. As a member of the GSCO in the race for the Ovis World Slam Super 30 and Capra World Slam he has also taken a DWS and a Feral Goat with us.

What can one say at the end of such hunting season?

We are not unknown anymore. With the help of our successful hunts, Croatia became known as an excellent hunting destination. Our successes from the 2011/2012 season are a recognition to us, but also give us an obligation to achieve even better results in the 2012/2013 hunting season.



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